Rush Poker, and Chatroulette

by PokerAnon ~ June 18th, 2010. Filed under: Poker and life.

The other day I was reading an article in the New Yorker about the kid who started Chatroulette. He’s quite young, and apparently part of the source for the idea for Chatroulette came from a job he had working in his uncle’s store selling to tourists. He didn’t sell much, but he liked practicing his language skills and talking with the tourists.

Out of curiosity I went on the site. An interesting experience. If you ever feel the need to see a lot of webcams of guys, including just penises, Chatroulette is the place for you. I did run across a few females, one large one dressed in just her bra eating a sandwich and two 20-something women, as well as a lot of people apparently just sitting in the dark.

To leave and go to another random cam you just click on the “next” button and after a moment you are taken to another cam. At first this seemed a little impolite. Penis cams I was happy to leave, but anyone else it seemed a bit like a rejection of some sort. Didn’t you like me? Why did you skip me?

Chatroulette places you face to face with someone. Now, as a male I’m assuming that most males are looking for women to chat with, so if they reject me I’m not too put out. But then there are so few women and they also rejected me, and why not, when they have dozens of other choices and 90% of them seem to be 25 or younger so younger than me, so that leaves pretty much no one.

At that point of my reasoning I became unwilling to chat with anyone. A few people didn’t click “next” (actually I think the button reads “New Game” but mine is blank because the flash is not working properly) so I sit there staring at a stranger, and then I click “next”. “Why didn’t you click “next”? Are you gay? Are you weird?” is what I start thinking of them as they stare back.

So at that point I’m not not stopping anywhere. The guys and the few women are skipping me, and I’m skipping the penis cams and anyone who doesn’t skip me. On and on we go, just looking for entertainment value until it gets boring.


The only reason  I’m blogging about this is because I recognized some similarities to Rush Poker. I’m in the blinds and there’s a late position raise. Do I want to 3 bet? Call? Or just give up? I raise from late postion, get called, and then continuation bet the flop. My opponent min-check raises my flop bet. Do I give up? Click “Next”?

Online we are anonymous, and yet we’re not anonymous. It’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to recognize my face on Chatroulette, but still, it’s my face so I can’t say that when the women skip me that I’m not at least a tiny bit, well, hurt. But then the guys that don’t skip me and I skip them, then maybe all they wanted to do was chat and I’ve done the same to them, rejected them. When I play poker online I have only one online username so every action, say a fold to a c-bet min-raises, is me. It’s me saying that you out-situationed me, or caught me trying buy the pot by trying to rep a hand on the dry flop. Rush Poker takes you to a entirely new table each time you fold so it has some similarities to Chatroulette and it’s “New game” button. Skip ahead to the next new situation and see what it brings you and continue on the search for the ideal situation.

But I must say that, for me at least, it’s pretty easy to give up on Chatroulette, and not so easy to give up on Rush Poker.


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  1. Katana Barnett

    I really enjoyed this post- I haven’t done Chatroulette because of aformentioned, and unwanted male exhibitionism. I am glad you reviewed it for me- and I also wondered about the politeness of just walking out on a conversation! It’s interesting to me the way that people fear engaging with others- sometimes valid and sometimes not. I watched a little kid today repeatedly try to engage the little girl beside him with a compliment, only to be ignored. She took off the ring he was complimenting. Boundaries!!

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