Value for quad Aces

by PokerAnon ~ March 20th, 2014. Filed under: poker.

I’ve started playing a little 25nl 6max at the regular cash tables.

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PokerAnon [Ah Ad]
DoomIsDown: folds
goc: raises $0.50 to $0.75
StevenHiro: folds
PokerAnon: raises $1.75 to $2.50
al pacino2th: folds
goc: calls $1.75
*** FLOP *** [Ac As Kh]

I’d 3 bet the previous hand, BB over SB from a frequent stealer, but my 3 bet percentage is 5% or lower at this table.

Villain is 23.0/16.4, 2.33 or 35.0 aggression, but only over 66 hands.

I flop a dead board; I’ve got it so killed that unless he has KK, I don’t think I’m getting much here, so I check the flop, hoping to get him to bluff.

*** FLOP *** [Ac As Kh]
PokerAnon: checks
goc: bets $3.70
PokerAnon: calls $3.70
*** TURN *** [Ac As Kh] [6c]
PokerAnon: bets $6.75
goc: calls $6.75

When he bets the flop, I just call. In order to get money in, I bet out on the turn. Common for when you flop trips or better out of position. I don’t want him checking behind. He takes some time, but calls.

Now I’ve only got half pot (indicating to me now that I could have bet smaller on the turn, but I don’t play enough 3 bet pots to be good at managing bet sizing. Say if I’d bet $5.00 on the turn it might be easier for him to call and I can still have $15 left to a $22 pot on the river), so all I can do is shove. He tanks, uses half his time bank so all I can do is watch the three other tables that I’ve got going.

And I’m pretty shocked at what he holds, given his stats. He doesn’t give the appearance of being a fish.

Is it really possible for me to hold QQ/JJ here? I guess so, but isn’t it more likely to be some kind of ace, if not AK? And how likely is it that I have KJ or some other king?

I guess at this level any kind of ace bets the flop? So because I check/call the flop, I don’t have an Ace? But because it’s 3bet and we start 100 bbs deep, it won’t take long to get committed. It’d be a different matter perhaps if I had say AQ and preflop it was raise/call so the pot is not so big to begin with.

You could say that he got trapped by his hand, but 1) do you want to flat a 3 bet with KQ against an apparently tight 3 bettor, and 2) why bet the flop? Unless I have QQ/JJ and the turn is a Q or J, this should be a WA/WB situation and just check the flop, keep the pot controlled, and then it’s more difficult for me to get my stack in without him being pot committed.

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  1. trummerfeld


    I just wanted to thank you for alle the content/thoughts and stuff you’re posting. You have a good style of writing and I really enjoy reading this blog and even older posts.

    Thanks alot!

    Good luck at the tables,

  2. PokerAnon

    Thanks! I like to track and to think through things so that’s what the blog allows me to do.

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