February 2010 Carnival of Board and Card Games

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Time for another Blog Carnival of Board and Card Games. I’m pleased that this month I got two submissions that actually qualify. Most of the time the submissions have nothing to do with board or card games, or else they’re about poker, and of a much lower quality of poker discussion than is already here.


Or rather, just someone trying to start up a poker blog who doesn’t really care much about poker, but they think starting a poker blog is a way to generate clicks and online income.

Anyway, …

Meg has a bunch of posts about various games. In this post she talks about Labyrinth, a game which, as it happens, we have as well. You build the labyrinth itself as you play the game by adding pieces and try to capture treasures by matching them with a joined path. Find Meg’s post here: Labyrinth (Muppets and David Bowie Not Included) posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

I think Surly Teabag has been in here before? In any event, here he offers On the effect of body orientation on anagramming speed posted at Bananagrammer. Bananagrammer is a word game like Scrabble, apparently. I haven’t tried it myself, but I am a fan of Lexulous on Scrabble. The only thing is, I’m such a slow player that I can only keep one or two games going at a time because it takes up too much of my time for each one of my turns.


That’s it for this month. I still hope to find blog posts about serious chess, Monopoly, Bridge, and other games for these carnivals one day.

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