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So I just completed a survey for Full Tilt. I don’t know if they are surveying all members, but I received an email asking me to participate in some feedback.

I like to do surveys on topics that are interesting to me. I’ve done a few gambling surveys put together by graduate students but they’ve all been full of holes. The number one problem with them is that academics define poker as gambling and give the same questions to the blackjack, roulette, craps and slot machine players as well as to the poker players. The result is that good poker players can’t answer a lot of the questions properly because they don’t make sense or go against what a good player is striving for in terms of attitude (What’s your biggest loss? How often do you feel guilty about gambling?). Even one survey written by a grad student who has played a bit of poker showed his lack of understanding of bankroll management and accepting variance when he was pressed with some of the awkward questions. Maybe I should do a graduate psychology/sociology degree focusing on poker specifically.

The Full Tilt survey was written by a professional corporate survey organization in conjunction with Full Tilt objectives and structure and was written for poker players, so in comparison to the university surveys it was a pleasure to do. I did one recently for another smaller site that I play on but it was probably put together by the site itself and wasn’t nearly as good a survey.

This one, for example, once I identified PokerStars as another site that I play on, took me to a steam of questions about PokerStars and gave me some of the same general questions that I had answered about Full Tilt, which should give them some useful information about how players see the two sites and how they compare with each other in the players’ eyes. I’m quite happy to point out that PS’s support is better than any other site and that generally I prefer their software and simple layout to that of Full Tilt.

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  1. Pat

    I know this is an old post but I was just wondering whether FTP would ever improve their quality of support? PS’ chat support is definitely, without a doubt, the best; what with their “patrolling” moderators whom you can easily “talk” to.

    Surely FTP has received so many complaints about their support that they’d almost be obligated to improve it!

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