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by PokerAnon ~ May 7th, 2010. Filed under: poker.

I signed up for a Leakfinder session with Splitsuit, full ring no limit holdem coach on the former Stox poker site. When you sign up for it you get one stats review session with Mpethy and one sweat with Splitsuit.

I signed up back at the end of March when I was still trying to re-start my grinding by 6 tabling $25nl FR. For players playing at $25nl and lower the price is a steal. I think it’s been increased since I signed up but it’s still worth it, and you can transfer directly from your poker bank account so that it can come directly out of your poker bankroll and you don’t have to finance it from your other monies, something that is a plus for me. And it was especially a bargain for me, having taken some stabs at $50nl and having already played for years but still stuck at $25nl, I had already eliminated some of the typical leaks for $25nl and lower level players and so I got help with my most prominent remaining leaks.

To describe the process; I sent an email answering some background questions, then Splitsuit replied giving me payment options. Once I paid I notified him and he emailed myself and Mpethy to arrange a database review session. Mpethy was pretty busy and it took a few weeks to set up a time that would work for us but I wasn’t worried about it; only anxious because I’d never had any kind of coaching before. I sent my Skype name to both of them and downloaded Mikago, a screen sharing program much like TeamViewer.

When it came time for the review I started up HEM, Camtasia and Skype, and Mpethy and I worked out the connection. Then I asked if I could record with Camtasia and he was fine with it as long as I kept it too myself, which was my intention. I just didn’t want to have to remember everything as we went along the recording of the session would become my “memory”.

The review was great; he had standard things that he wanted to check, told me what numbers looked fine, good, or low according to what he expects given my style and play level. We also went a bit more indepth in some areas that looked unusual to him or that I wanted more clarification on. The he read me a list of things that he had noted, and cced me on the email that he sent to Splitsuit with those items. Then a bit more delay as Splitsuit was on a working vacation which was fine with me as it gave me a chance to look into my database some more in some of the areas that Mpethy had pointed out. It was also at this point that I decided to “stake” myself at $100nl.

For the sweat session with Splitsuit I started up HEM, Stars, Camtasia and Skype and got on a few tables. I planned to have four tables running by the time for our session began as any more and I figured that I would have difficulty talking and playing at the same time. Again once we connected I asked if recording was okay and he said it’s fine as long as I keep it to myself, and I’m really glad I recorded this one as I really had trouble keeping a conversation thread going when it kept getting interrupted by hands for discussion. Splitsuit had to remind me what we had been talking about on more than one occasion so it was obvious that I wouldn’t remember too much immediately afterward.

With both recorded sessions I went back and watched the session with Notepad open, just making notes from the session.

Splitsuit asked me to discuss my plays and talk aloud about why I’m raising/calling/folding. He wanted to know my thinking process as much as my play, which I think I failed at to some extent because it’s hard to carry on a conversation and keep interrupting it to explain actions. There were a couple of spots where I automatically made a play which he disagreed with and we discussed why, and spots where he recommended something different than I would have automatically done and then we spent time with me asking questions trying to better understand the hows and whys for his recommendation.

Again, great value for the money imo. I’ve now got a list of things to think about and to research and to experiment with using PokerStove or during actual play. Getting value with AA/KK, playing postflop after calling from the blinds, my 3 betting range for various situations, bet sizing, considering how my opponent loses the most money given his stats, and others.

This is really ideal for someone playing $10nl/$25nl full ring cash tables who has a stable game and wants to know what’s wrong with it. I think it’s not so useful for someone who doesn’t have enough experience yet to have a stable game, and if you mostly play tournaments or 6 max then there are other coaches who focus more on these areas.

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