Managing Zoom Tilt

by PokerAnon ~ March 31st, 2013. Filed under: poker.

Playing Zoom, and winning, and on a long weekend, it’s easy to roll in some hand history.

NHLE Zoom $10

So far I’m liking it. Still only 6,000 hands, but the only down session was the first. A run of up sessions is always a good thing.

Winning sessions is a nice contrast from all the other times that I’ve played 0.01/0.02, 0.05/0.10, or 0.10/0.25, or 0.25/0.50 NLHE or PLO of Rush/Zoom, where I’d start with a couple winning sessions, and then the inevitable following spew would more than erase that.

1/3 of the way to my target of 18,000 hands.

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