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I’ve tried various mantras while playing Zoom poker on PokerStars.

  • Focus
  • Don’t get upset
  • Pay attention to stats
  • Breathe

But maybe this one is the answer:

  • Patience

It started with telling myself to wait, knowing that besides getting bad runs of cards or situations or players or suckouts that eventually things will turn around and I just have to wait for them. I know this. I’ve played enough hands, done enough analysis, evaluated my play, seen runs up and down over longer terms to know that things will turn.

But what tends to happen is I start a challenge of some form, run well, then run into difficulties. Then insecurities set in. Analysis doesn’t buoy my confidence, instead it starts me questioning my game and I start tweaking it, trying to fix it. Open more, call less, cbet less, cbet different amounts, open less, call more, and around and around, trying to find the sweet spot.

It’s not a problem on cash tables. On regular cash tables I can play the player much more since I don’t usually run more than, say, eight tables at a time. I don’t tile or stack, I only play as many as I can easily see. And, because the players stay at the same location, they don’t have the anonymity of Zoom or Rush to allow them to make wacky plays over and over without being identified.

So because I’m playing Zoom, I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of money on the table, not knowing what a pot overbet means from someone, or what a flop shove or min bet, then half pot bet, then pot sized bet on the river means from any one particular player.

My game is solid enough that I should win, at $10NL 6max, without tweaking. I can tweak when I move back up, but for now I need to be able to max my returns for this particular level to adjust for these players. The biggest, biggest thing for me is to is wait, be patient. Essentially this means playing like an automaton except for maybe one hand in every 50 where I should hesitate for a moment and check stats, or one in every 500 where I need to tank to think.

Patience. Wait for it. Let the big hands come to you.

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