Poker on Facebook; poor software

by PokerAnon ~ April 30th, 2008. Filed under: Basics of poker, poker.

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I’m on Facebook, a social networking site. Mostly I play a game called Scrabulous there with friends. It’s nice ’cause you can play one turn and then forget about the game until the next day or so and then go back and take your next turn.

Facebook is heavy with all kinds of apps or little games and silly things you can do with or to your friends. These apps are pretty insistent. They add themselves to your home page, they beg you to send them to your friends. Sometimes you have to really hunt on the page to find the button to get past them without sending it to someone else.


A friend who knows that I play poker sent me an invite to a poker app for some kind of tournament structure and I thought that I’d give it a try. The play is predictably pretty bad. Many of the people are just learning how to play, I suspect, raising any kind of holding but limping other strong hands, betting/calling with no connection to the strength of their hand relative to the board.

The complaint of this blog entry isn’t the players though. The complaint is with the Facebook poker software. Poorly designed, it’s frustrating to play. All bets are called “Raise”. The last action, such as Fold, shows until your next action, even if that next action is in the next hand. Your choices before it’s your turn don’t match your actual choices. For example, you can click the “check” box even though you’re in the small blind, so clicking the box is a waste of time. The slider does not go in increments of the blinds and goes in tiny increments such as 0.25 when you’re starting with $1,000, so it’s a waste of space as well.

But, my biggest complaint is the game itself, ’cause I ran into something I’ve never seen before.

The board is 93239 and I have AQ which I limped from late position (playing tight/passive/aggressive as usual against beginners). The person to my right limped AK, and he wins the pot with two pairs, Ace kicker?!? This is exactly what my hand was as well!

This I don’t understand, based on any games that I’ve played. Only 5 cards count towards a hand, how is this not a split pot?

I’ve seen where if the pot cannot be evenly divided and then the player closest to the SB gets the extra. Say it’s a tourney and the pot is 95, then 48 goes to the player closest to the SB and the other player gets 47, but to do this with the entire pot? So someone ahead of you can bet you off the pot because in a tie they win?

Or is because the 6th card, which is not part of the hand, breaks the tie? Is this some kind of home game rules? It doesn’t even let me show my losing hand so I can complain to the table.

Aargh. At least give people the chance to learn to play poker properly. Don’t waste your time with this; go to a real poker site and play the play money tables, where the software designers at least know how to play poker.


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2 Responses to Poker on Facebook; poor software

  1. Player

    Hey, You have some good points, and Facebook poker is indeed horribly designed, but what happened with your story, was that you in fact won the split pot, it’s just that this crap of a client only calls the first guy a Winner, and never announces splits.

  2. PokerAnon

    Y’know, it was so long ago. I *think* that I would have noticed a split just by looking at my stack size after the hand, but I can’t be sure anymore.

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