Super turbo play = short stack cash game play?

by ~ June 29th, 2008. Filed under: General poker strategy, poker, Super turbos.

* Modified June 15th, 2010 *

I’ve made attempts in the past to learn to play short stacked ring strategy and never really been too successful with it. In particular, when Full Tilt had a short extra bonus period I tried to earn some points and bonus by short stacking 4 tables. Didn’t work too well; I lost more than I earned in bonus.

Today I was idly wondering whether my practice with the super turbos would help me with short stack ring play, but I’m not sure about that. Of course I could always give it a try.

  • Everyone is short in a SupT. Does that affect the calling range? The risk of getting eliminated is high so calling ranges should be tighter, but the turbo aspect tends to pressure players to take risks making some players looser with their ranges.

I dunno; I often play almost no hands in the first 2 orbits, then find myself hoping for a good situation to shove and pick up some blinds. That’s not much different from my memory of attempting to play short stack ring, ‘cept I can wait much longer at ring games.

  • The blind rise, and fast in a SupT. This puts on even more pressure to shove/fold/chip up.

The later stages don’t connect to well to short stack cash game play. Desperation, bubble, huge blinds relative to stacks size, not applicable.

  • There is virually no post-flop play on my part in the SupT. Only HU or limped into my BB do I ever get post-flop.

I don’t know whether the aggression here translates to short stack ring or not. I may be short, but presumably the other players are not. In a SupT I may shove any pair on the flop or CRAI but again, desperation is a factor on all player’s parts. Not necessarily so in ring.

But, maybe so, and maybe this is where I’m losing some value in short stack ring games? Maybe I need to be shoving even marginal catches of a flop?

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