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* Modified August 8th, 2008 *

Well, this blog is for myself anyways This is another entry that’s not necessarily of interest to anyone else.

I figured out how to merge my stats. So my total short stacking stats so far:

  • Hands: 799
  • bb/100: 39.42 = 19.71 BB/100
  • VP$IP: 12.1
  • PFR: 7.3
  • 3bet%: 4.9
  • WTSD%: 27.7
  • W$SD: 67.7
  • Agg: 6.4
  • Agg%: 30.4

I think 12 VP$IP and 7 PFR is just about right. I’m trying to throw a liitle more away from the SB which is likely where some of the limping is still happening.

I expect W$SD to drop a bit but it should stay in the high range, as in higher than the ideal for full stack play which would be in the 50-55 range because I expect to be shoving when I’m ahead, or at least ahead of his range. If I’m not, then I’ve made a bad decision/read as I don’t have much fold equity because of the short stack.

The big one that I expect to drop is BB/100 as I can’t see how that can be maintained. A good target rate is around 7 or so, and they say that 10 is the maximum sustainable rate so 19 is a bit unrealistic.

The interesting thing is that after some 7 or 8 sessions I have yet to have a down session. I always have 4 tables running and usually two break even, one is down a bit but one is up more than the one that is down is down so I end up positive each time. Or at least that seems to be the familiar result.


I have so few hands yet because I’m still hesitant to do this. Partly it has something to do with the fact that short stacking is something new to me, but partly it has to do with some part of me viewing this whole strategy as somehow “unethical”. This whole thing of denying implied odds and being hyper aggressive when the situation calls for it seems unfair. I’m buying in short and not giving the other players a fair shot at taking money from me and yet when the situation calls I’m shoving and putting the pressure on them, while risking only tiny portions of my bankroll.

Compare. One hand I had AK in the SB. Button raises. I shove, he calls. In this hand it turned out that I had his AJs dominated but he hit a set of jacks and I lost, but if I had a normal stack I would have made a standard 3-bet, and then we would go to the flop. With three streets left, he’s got 3 more chances to outplay me or out hit me. In this case I would have lost a bit more as I would have c-bet and he likely would just call, and then I’d shut down when the second jack came. By shoving preflop I’ve denied him any implied odds and he gets nothing more from me.

The hands themselves are so much less stressful to play. I get JJ in midish position and raise. Player to my left 3 bets, and gets called right behind. In this case I had already stacked up to almost 40 BBs and was planning to leave after the blinds got to me again so I had too much to shove so I just called. Flop comes 984 two diamonds. I check, 3 bettor checks, last guy bets $6 into a $9.35 pot and I called my last $5.90. He had 77, got closer with a 6 on the turn but the river was another 8 and I got my biggest stack and promptly left (though not my biggest win; I quadrupled up once with KK vrs AQs, AKs, ATs). In this case 3 decisions, then I’m done. No more decisions, no more future money is at risk.

I think this bet is targetted at me, since it’s what I had left in my stack, though it’s a 2/3 pot bet so it may have been a standard bet too. But if it’s targetted at me, it’s another example of someone reading me as a donk short stacker who might not be able to fold overcards. Another example is a raise from the button, I 3-bet my AK from the SB, he calls, I shove a low flop since my stack is now less than the pot, he calls. He had QJs. Does he call a 3-bet PFR from a full stack? He’s 5/5/0 over 20 hands so it seems somewhat out of character, though the tiny sample size limits the read, the table was down to 6, plus I don’t know if he’s the type that can’t fold once he’s in a hand.

It just seems like over and over I get in situations where people make sub-optimal decisions. The players are not that good so maybe they always play like this, but it still seems that my short stack encourages them, or maybe pressures them to do so.

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