Zoom/Rush poker tilt

by PokerAnon ~ March 18th, 2013. Filed under: Micro level poker, poker, Rush/Zoom Poker.

I’m slowly starting to figure out some things about about how I tilt at Zoom/Rush poker.

There are a number of triggers, and they often seem to occur in this order before I start feeling the affects:

  • A good suckout, usually on the river, when we’re all in or I can’t fold the river
  • A long series of missed flops (poor preflop hands is okay, I can manufacture situations and give up easily)
  • Unexpected aggression, like a check-raise on a dry flop

Enough of the first and third, and long enough of the middle one, and I loose patience.

Because Zoom/Rush allows you to feel as if you are in control with the fast fold option, and because you are running somewhat blind (stats from HEM tend to be unreliable until you collect a large sample because of the random sampling of hands rather than sequentially around the table), I start to convince myself that I’ve got draw odds to shove, or that he’s likely bluffing and I should shove or call down.

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1 Response to Zoom/Rush poker tilt

  1. Harry

    , I fold I mean raise it would be a fold.Another thing when you go all-in, just say all in , there’s no need to count how much you have and then say raise to $352 . You could, but it’s a waste of time. Or you could say nothing and just push all your chips arsocs, but if you have enough chips that you might mess up trying to get them all arsocs in one motion, say all-in before you push so you don’t accidentally make a string bet.

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