Site is back, after a week down

by PokerAnon ~ May 23rd, 2014. Filed under: Wordpress.

* Modified June 1st, 2014 *

Changing hosts for a site is a b***h.

It looks like we’ve been down from some point on May 13, 2014, until now, May 22, 2014. But we’re back.

I’ve changed hosts a couple times before, but that was years ago, and I was more into the whole world of managing sites and hosting (on a personal interest level, not professional) than I am these days.

It’s not simple for a casual site manager to do.

It was prompted by some building dissatisfaction with my old host, and then triggered by a notice of expiry from the old host, so I decided it was time to move. So, mentally I wasn’t fueled for it.

I could not figure out who to tell. I registered all my various domains at different times through different registrars, and some of those registrars resold the domain registration to other companies. Some allowed me to change the nameserver myself, and others didn’t. All had different interfaces.

My old host, apparently as soon as I requested the change of nameserver, hacked the landing point for my domain, replacing it with their own. In the meantime, it took a week for the nameserver change to take effect, so if you came by during that week it looked like my site had disappeared. Google thought so; it removed me from it’s search findings and replaced my site with the host’s landing site.

At one point something weird happened, causing it to appear as if the change had taken place, and I set to work trying to get the WordPress blog to work. But it turned out that it wasn’t true, and that the reason that it wouldn’t work was because parts of the process were getting redirected back to the old host. Tech support suspected that something was hard coded into my old WordPress database, so he had me doing a re-installation to try to reset things.

But that gibbled things worse, because I messed with the files I had prepared on the new host. And I couldn’t re-prepare because even when I modified the hosts file on my computer with the new IP, some things somehow still got redirected to the old host, so I had to stop and leave the mess.

Finally, two days ago, the nameserver change took effect. I started trying to fix things again, but somehow some parts still got redirected to the old host, so I waited another day.

Then, once the nameserver change took effect, I still had to manage the setup of WordPress.

Because this site has two WordPress blogs and because I have multiple domains in one account, I had a devil of a time getting the SQL database where I imported the old database to work with WordPress. Every time I installed WordPress using the new host’s install, it created new table prefixes, and when I imported the database, I couldn’t get the new WordPress to recognize the old tables. If I installed and told it to use the first imported data (straight from the export), it wouldn’t run.

Finally, after going around and around, I manually installed WordPress again, with a new new imported raw database. Then I had problems getting the new manual WordPress to run. With some help from WordPress forum searches I managed to track down all the problems, one by one, to get this one up and running again.

So, we’re back. Now, off to try to get the Daily Grind to work again …

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2 Responses to Site is back, after a week down

  1. trfld

    Will there be any news on this site or have you given up this blog?

  2. PokerAnon

    see above …

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