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$1.70 super turbo

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I put this for entertainment purposes. A series of hands played trying out the new $1.70 super turbos at Full Tilt. I shove AQs and get dominated, leaving me with 10 chips and in the big blind the next hand. Now I’m sure according to ICM I should have been all-in much earlier than waiting […]


Sunday, November 29th, 2009

First down session after 10 in a row up. Lost a full stack twice. Once in the small blind with 33, flopping a set in a limped pot, losing to a set of 7s. The other one hurt a bit more, flopping a set of 5s against AA, getting it all in on the flop, […]

$1.20 – 6 man Sit and Go on Tilt; Oops

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

I accidentally registered for a $1.20 6 man Sit and Go on Tilt. What I thought I was registering for was the new $1.70 super turbo but apparently I clicked the wrong one. Anyway, the reason for posting here is that after I realized my mistake, I was curious how these played as these are […]


Friday, November 27th, 2009

Thought I was finally going to have a down session. Had a hard time finding loose tables with decent stacks and not huge wait lists at both sites. First big hand at Stars was flatting a small 4 bet IP with QQ and getting it in on a KQx monotone board, only to find out […]


Thursday, November 26th, 2009

I’m up to 8,456 hands of 25nl on Stars now since Sept 1, playing a paltry total of 23.4 hours, running a ridiculous 20 bbs/100 and averaging $18.66 per hour. Last three one hour sessions I was up $77, $34, $55, and that’s with a couple tables from Tilt mixed in (which finally had an […]


Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

I have trouble calling raises. Here I actually told myself out loud, “you have to call a tight player with almost anything.” This is another tight player, calling me from the blinds this time. I have QQ, but even if I 89s I think I bet here because this hits my range much more than […]


Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The difference between Full Tilt and PokerStars $25nl is weird. For starters, it’s often very hard to find tables with more than 30% players seeing the flop at the full tables. Either that’s because there are fewer players at Tilt, or they’re tighter. Then they play a lot of trappy plays; opening limping AA from […]


Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Not much to report; struggled trying to accomplish something on Party, won some money last night playing with friends at 10nl at Stars, and didn’t unregister for the Sunday 1/4 million to give it a try. Went out 10,000 place or something, out of 30,000 runners. Pretty darn weak play, but too many runners to […]


Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Had 45 minutes so I quickly tried to start up 8 tables of 50nl, but it’s hard to find ones that aren’t full of nits so I got on the wait list for some 25nl as well. Ended up with 6 x 50 and 2 x 25. Ended up -17.44bb/100 on the 25s, and +22.29bb/100 […]


Friday, November 13th, 2009

Short session of 7 or 6 tables of 50nl FR. Only 167 hands; first table was pot limit, which I try to avoid, but in 31 hands I played none. Talk about playing tight. Lost $2.25 just paying the blinds in 31 hands. On the others I played 16/13, or 13.5/10.4 overall. EV exactly the […]

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Meh, 365 hands of 5 x 50nl, 9.8/7.6. Just wasn’t getting cards at the right times. Biggest loss; getting slowplayed by AA against my AK raise UTG. Bet two streets after an Ace high flop because he was passive, then paid off his river bet. Biggest win was getting 3 streets from a calling station […]

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Heh, 66 minute session of 5 x 50nl FR, up $ 0.45. 290 hands, 14.6/7.3, a little more passive than normal because I got a number of small pairs behind a preflop raise, but the only set I hit was my open raise from mid with 77, but the flop was dry (Q72)except for a […]

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

A small 2 table session of $50nl FR, then another a couple of days later. I’m not liking the way that I played as I gave waaaay too much credit to the players. Many of the players were very TAG which is part of the reason that I give them too much credit, and in […]

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I’m not sure who reads these posts in the Daily Grind section; I don’t know that there’s much of value for an outside person? The other day I ran across an opponent again that I remember very well from the first time I was playing 25nl on a regular basis, Daw****. I have a lot […]

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

481 hands of 25nl FR. EV of -$ 13.08, but up $ 41.20, so obv I don’t understand how EV works. One hand I got it all in on the turn with KK on a dangerous board but against a LAG; flop was 8J9 and he had AT. I won $ 22.60 but my EV […]

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Well, 434 hands at 25nl, -28.34 bb/100, -EV of -37.47. At least my net is better than my EV. VPIP of 15.5, and it was higher early and I made a conscious effort to lower it. I wasn’t getting great hands but I was limping behind or iso-raising from late position. But the worst part […]