Moving along …

by PokerAnon ~ April 12th, 2015

For years I’ve been posting as PokerAnon. Before that, though, someone else had the domain, unused, so I kept checking to see if it came available.

It is, so I’ve claimed it, and all new posts will likely be there now.

See you there!

Site is back, after a week down

by PokerAnon ~ May 23rd, 2014

Changing hosts for a site is a b***h.

It looks like we’ve been down from some point on May 13, 2014, until now, May 22, 2014. But we’re back.

I’ve changed hosts a couple times before, but that was years ago, and I was more into the whole world of managing sites and hosting (on a personal interest level, not professional) than I am these days.

It’s not simple for a casual site manager to do.

It was prompted by some building dissatisfaction with my old host, and then triggered by a notice of expiry from the old host, so I decided it was time to move. So, mentally I wasn’t fueled for it.

I could not figure out who to tell. I registered all my various domains at different times through different registrars, and some of those registrars resold the domain registration to other companies. Some allowed me to change the nameserver myself, and others didn’t. All had different interfaces.

My old host, apparently as soon as I requested the change of nameserver, hacked the landing point for my domain, replacing it with their own. In the meantime, it took a week for the nameserver change to take effect, so if you came by during that week it looked like my site had disappeared. Google thought so; it removed me from it’s search findings and replaced my site with the host’s landing site.

At one point something weird happened, causing it to appear as if the change had taken place, and I set to work trying to get the WordPress blog to work. But it turned out that it wasn’t true, and that the reason that it wouldn’t work was because parts of the process were getting redirected back to the old host. Tech support suspected that something was hard coded into my old WordPress database, so he had me doing a re-installation to try to reset things.

But that gibbled things worse, because I messed with the files I had prepared on the new host. And I couldn’t re-prepare because even when I modified the hosts file on my computer with the new IP, some things somehow still got redirected to the old host, so I had to stop and leave the mess.

Finally, two days ago, the nameserver change took effect. I started trying to fix things again, but somehow some parts still got redirected to the old host, so I waited another day.

Then, once the nameserver change took effect, I still had to manage the setup of WordPress.

Because this site has two WordPress blogs and because I have multiple domains in one account, I had a devil of a time getting the SQL database where I imported the old database to work with WordPress. Every time I installed WordPress using the new host’s install, it created new table prefixes, and when I imported the database, I couldn’t get the new WordPress to recognize the old tables. If I installed and told it to use the first imported data (straight from the export), it wouldn’t run.

Finally, after going around and around, I manually installed WordPress again, with a new new imported raw database. Then I had problems getting the new manual WordPress to run. With some help from WordPress forum searches I managed to track down all the problems, one by one, to get this one up and running again.

So, we’re back. Now, off to try to get the Daily Grind to work again …

$25nl 6max Zoom review

by PokerAnon ~ April 27th, 2014

Up to 7,600 hands now at $25nl Zoom. Time for some hand review in here.

One of the versions of hand review for me is to only pull out the largest big losses. So, here’s the ones over 80 bbs so far, in order of occurrence. I haven’t looked at them all yet.

So, first one, tiny 3bets drive me nuts. It happens less often at $25nl than it did at $10nl, but often what it meant was suited cards; A4s, J8s, so I want to get in preflop.

Another one that I remember as a stats conundrum. VPIP: 15, PFR: 15, though limited hands again. His post-flop aggression represents a tiny range, but he’s either stuck with AA/KK/QQ, or, I’m dead to TT.

Limited hands is an issue again; typical 15/15 players at 6 max don’t open raise 66. Still, because of his tightness, this is as close as I get to folding a set on the flop.

This one, I have the option to squeeze preflop with AQ from the small blind. But with 3 players in and the original raise coming from EP, I will raise JJ+ and AK, but I’m hesitant to do so with AQ.

On an Ace high two tone flop I’m not sure, but I like check-calling, donking the turn, which I do, but essentially we get committed on the turn.

This one I vaguely remember villain as LAG. Stats are VPIP: 45, PFR: 38, 3B: 33 though over 29 hands, so I think this is fine.

I did some analysis on this one earlier, though I didn’t post it in the blog.

Against a player that steals often, 3 betting A7s is fine. Unfortunately on the turn I catch two pair and he flopped a set.

The analysis I worked on earlier was looking at his set-mining implied odds. I learned something from this; I want to 3 bet larger than this with better hands to deny implied odds for set-mining, and smaller with hands that I should be able to fold postflop like A7s, although, in this case, with two pair on the turn it’s just a cooler.

So here I squeeze making it 2.50 to go, crappy implied odds for one caller, better if they both flat. Gross flop, but I’m not sure what hand range I put someone on who flats a steal and then calls again after a 3 bet.

This one begins as a straight steal attempt. Flop bet, turn bet are because I don’t expect to be losing here.

His river shove could be an underpair, another Q, sometimes KK/AA/JJ, but often a whole bunch of bluffs or Ace high. I need a lot of hands to read this much better

This is purely a trap gone bad. LAGgy player, steals often, I decide trapping is a good option, but he gets lucky.

Another player who calls 3bets with suited Aces.

I guess this and the other suited Ace calling a squeeze, combined with one of the previous posts indicates suited Aces are popular for calling, no matter what the action preflop.

Win rate is just over 4 bbs/100, so perfectly okay for this small of a sample. I’ll be working to bump it up a touch as I go along. VPIP is down, 3 bet is up, steal is down from $10nl, all very slight differences, but part of what my target is for this level.

I started by playing 3 instances but dropped it to 2 ’cause there were situations where I missed seeing some things. And, I still watch / listen to video while playing. Current viewing is the series “Hannibal”.

Starting $25nl 6 max Zoom

by PokerAnon ~ April 20th, 2014

Interesting hand, at least for me. I’ve started playing some $25NL 6 max Zoom.

The first couple of sessions I felt like when I’ve played $50NL and $100NL full ring cash in the past; worried, afraid that I’m out of my skill level and comfort zone. That’ll happen after not being a reg for a few years, after focusing on $10NL for the past few months, after never having been a long term winner at Zoom/Rush for any length of time. I’m not really concerned though. After 35,000+ hands at $10NL 6 max Zoom plus some at Rush in the past 3 1/2 months, I just need a bit of time to get comfortable.

Seat 1: Calypse11 ($35.51 in chips)
Seat 2: yinhaowei ($20.19 in chips)
Seat 3: Figueiras8 ($63.23 in chips)
Seat 4: luckyficker ($20.52 in chips)
Seat 5: abbi555 ($25 in chips)
Seat 6: PokerAnon ($27.53 in chips)
yinhaowei: posts small blind $0.10
Figueiras8: posts big blind $0.25
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PokerAnon [Ts Tc]
luckyficker: folds
abbi555: folds
PokerAnon: raises $0.50 to $0.75
Calypse11: folds
yinhaowei: raises $2.25 to $3
Figueiras8: calls $2.75

I’ll flop a set 12% of the time, so I’m generally looking for somewhere north of 15-1 implied odds—higher than 7.5-1 because of the times that I won’t be able to earn a stack when I hit the set—and with a proper 3 bet you don’t often get those odds. Here I’m up against someone short so my odds are 17 ÷ 2.25 = 7.6; barely enough for the basics, but, the deep stack flats. Weird play, especially at Zoom where you don’t have great player reads. For me, I have only 4 hands on both players so my stats are useless.

So I opt to complete because the depth of the second player adds to my implied odds, though I don’t know how to estimate exactly. Against him I’ve got 24.5 ÷ 2.25 = 10.9, so better, but, I don’t know that you can just add the 10.9 and 7.6? Maybe. But I know it’s better than either, so at least 15 – 1 total.

(Edit: Hmm, maybe I should be including the 2.25 in the implied odds; 17 + 2.25 ÷ 2.25 = 8.6 and 24.5 + 2.25 ÷ 2.25 = 11.9?)

*** FLOP *** [2c Td Kd]
yinhaowei: bets $7
Figueiras8: calls $7

Now it gets interesting. The short 3 bettor is committing, but the deep stack just flats again. I think worst case scenario is the short stack has KK and the flatter has a flush draw, in which case I’m way behind and there are dangerous draws.

It’s also very likely the short stack has AK or AA. I’m less concerned at this point about him, and more interested in the deeper stack. I’d like to get more from him committed.

PokerAnon: raises $7 to $14

I minraise because 1) it looks like a donkey play, 2) it makes it easy for them to go with the smaller bet, 3) it gives the short stack room to think he’s being aggressive by shoving over top, and 4) it gets us all pot committed, even if they both just flat.

yinhaowei: raises $3.19 to $17.19 and is all-in
Figueiras8: calls $10.19
PokerAnon: calls $3.19
*** TURN *** [2c Td Kd] [7h]
Figueiras8: checks
PokerAnon: bets $7.34 and is all-in
Figueiras8: calls $7.34

The short stack does shove, and the deep stack flats again. I don’t remember, but it’s possible I could only call at this point and not raise? I have to say, it went by really quickly for me and I was surprised when I had any choices on the turn. I thought we were already all-in.



Pokerstove (there is a working version for 2014) says preflop I’ve got 19.4% (pretty much the standard 80-20), AA has 75.5, and AK the remaining 4.9%. My odds are decreased because I’m up against two players but increased because they have some of the other players’ outs, so I guess for me it evens out. That’s probably an additional consideration when considering the total implied odds that I have preflop, even when I don’t know their hands but put them on a range.

I have it set to always run it twice, but I guess one or the other didn’t have that set. Mind you, they’re both pretty dead on the turn.

The short stack play is fine. I guess the deep stack was trying to trap him, and he would have been in great shape if I had folded, if he hadn’t increased my preflop implied pot odds by flatting. If he had 4 bet (I fold immediately) he still would have had the short stack’s stack as the short stack likely shoves/calls anyway, but I guess the thinking is that the 3 bet from the small blind, especially against a CO raise, doesn’t always mean a premium hand, so he wanted the short stack to catch something or to commit by continuation betting the flop if he misses.

Maybe in his situation he could consider min-4-betting preflop? To kill my implied odds, and to see if I spazz, and if I fold, to get the short stack thinking he’s got a good situation to shove preflop over top? He’s stuck in a gross spot when I min-raise the flop after he’s flatted the bet. He doesn’t want to commit against two others with just an over-pair, but maybe he has to, in which case he should be shoving over the original flop bet to try to isolate.

Not the biggest pot I’ve ever won in dollars or in bbs, especially since I’ve played mostly full ring and up to $100NL before, but nice as one of the early sessions yet at $25 Zoom.

Back at Stars, still winning

by PokerAnon ~ April 18th, 2014

Time for an update.

After about a month mostly on Full Tilt, playing only two instances (while watching programs on my computer) and running pretty much flat, I’ve moved back to Stars again, four instances, while re-watching episodes of “House”.


Good day today contributes to the win rate,


So now I don’t know when to look at moving up. It’s nice to come back, after a month kind of away. It’s nice to run so good as well, though I’ve been back for a little while, and the previous two sessions were (slightly) down, but the win rate has been moving up. I don’t know how far it could go, and I am aware of some frustration with the amounts (I guess I’m just a $25 player at heart), but now I feel comfortable.

Worst hand wins

by PokerAnon ~ April 1st, 2014

Happens all the time. Best hand preflop loses to two or more other hands. A pair of Aces will win less and less often the more other hands you’re up against.

But, this one is painful. I re-raise poorly preflop intentionally to try to get the bad players in. On the other hand, I give them lots and lots of chances to fold in the process.

Seat 1: PokerAnon ($10)
Seat 2: bartak4 ($6.05)
Seat 3: LeslieChip ($14.32)
Seat 4: lav1tanuova ($3.50)
Seat 5: luckywheels ($11.05)
Seat 6: vik21860 ($6.13)
PokerAnon posts the small blind of $0.05
bartak4 posts the big blind of $0.10
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PokerAnon [Ah As]
LeslieChip calls $0.10
lav1tanuova folds
luckywheels folds
vik21860 raises to $0.20
PokerAnon raises to $0.90

My first raise is oversized, or rather, it’s properly sized perhaps. I assume that at some point the limper is going to get folded out and the min-raiser is the one that I expect to get all in preflop, and I only realize afterward that he’s short, so if my target is him, I’ve oversized.

bartak4 folds
LeslieChip calls $0.80
vik21860 raises to $1.60

Now the limper has called, and the short stack raiser has reraised, as if he has Aces. Maybe he does?

PokerAnon raises to $3
LeslieChip calls $2.10

Limper calls again?

vik21860 raises to $6.13, and is all in

Now I sure that I’m going to lose the original limper, so I shove. Or, I plan to, but hit the wrong button and leave myself 0.74.

PokerAnon raises to $9.26
LeslieChip calls $6.26

*** FLOP *** [Jd 4s 2d] (Total Pot: $24.75, 3 Players, 1 All-In)
PokerAnon bets $0.74, and is all in
LeslieChip calls $0.74
PokerAnon shows [Ah As]
LeslieChip shows [8d Ad]
vik21860 shows [Js Jh]

So I up against JJ and A8s, by far the best hand. But on the flop I’m losing to a flopped set and one of my outs is in the limp/caller’s hand. Plus, he has the flush draw.

You can figure how this works out.


Hmm, the replayer seems to skip the community card action; maybe it can’t handle my 6 bet preflop. Ending board:

Board: [Jd 4s 2d 6c 5d]
Seat 1: PokerAnon (small blind) showed [Ah As] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 2: bartak4 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: LeslieChip showed [8d Ad] and won ($24.92) with a flush, Ace high
Seat 4: lav1tanuova didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 5: luckywheels didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 6: vik21860 (button) showed [Js Jh] and lost with three of a kind, Jacks

A8s is a drawing hand, I guess. Limp, call, call, call, until you win.

Playing against Quad Aces

by PokerAnon ~ March 22nd, 2014

I’m still thinking about the hand that I posted in the last entry, and I don’t know why, so I’ll write about it, see if that works it out of me.

From my opponent’s perspective, the 3 bet from the blind at 6max doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. Even tight players know that aggression is important so his (my) 3 bet range could be wide. KQ is a decent hand, so calling when you will have position is not the worst thing in the world to do.

But KQ can be a trouble hand. Doyle Brunson had  list of trouble hands, and KQ can get you into trouble when you flop a K high or Q high board and your opponent has AK or AQ. Worse yet if he happens to have AA/KK. That’s the first thing I’d be thinking.

When the flop comes AAK, if the blind has any kind of Ace, which is a common card for 3 betting from the blinds, I’m dead with KQ. When he (actually me) checks the flop, we’re losing to any Ace hand, ahead of QQ/JJ or any other kind of hand that might be 3 bet.

If the blind doesn’t have an Ace, what risks do we face? QQ/JJ or any pocket pair could possibly draw to the underboat. Any other unpaired hole cards can’t out draw us, because there’s already a pair of Aces on the board and we paired the king, unless he has QJ/QT/JT and fills the straight, but these are all pretty thin hands to 3bet from the blinds. All in all, there’s not much that we’re protecting our pair King against, other than QQ/JJ or some other pair that we can’t guess. This is almost classic Way Ahead/Way Behind theory. We’re dead to any Ace, but only afraid of a Q or a J and only if the blind holds QQ or JJ. Classic WA/WB theory says keep the pot sized managed, bet later in the hand if he doesn’t bet, call if he does bluff.

And if the blind check-raises our flop bet, don’t we have to fold? Is it possible that he’ll check-raise with QQ/JJ? With 66 hands of history (actually less; maybe 50 at the time of this hand) how would we determine this? This could be the “bet for information” theory, but we could get blown off and still have been winning. We could avoid this problem, by not betting the flop at all.

The blind calls our flop bet, then bets out just over half pot on a blank card. Now what? QQ/JJ, trying to blow us off? 66 that now made the underboat? KQ/KJ trying to scare us off?

But wait, what about AK? The fact that the board has two Aces makes it less likely that the blind has one and the fact that one K is on the board and we have one makes a K less likely, but AK is a very likely hand to be 3 bet from the blinds. It also fits a check/call on the flop, because they have the board killed. And now, because he’s bet out on the turn, it fits perfectly.

There’s no need for the blind to check-raise the flop, or to want to check-raise the turn because the pot was 3 bet originally and we’re only 100bbs deep. Getting stack committed won’t be too difficult.

So what happened? The 3 bet pot made it easy to get committed. The two Aces on the board made it less likely that the blind has one, but the fact he 3 bet makes it more likely.

But the blind doesn’t bet out on the flop. Doesn’t every Ace bet out on the flop, hoping that I (the original raiser, and caller preflop) have one? AQ? AJ? Or are they afraid that I have AK/KK and are trying to keep the pot small themselves? Can I represent KK by betting the flop to scare AQ/AJ?

Maybe the thinking is simply; he didn’t bet the flop, I have a pair, I’d better bet to protect my pair of Kings and prove that he was bluffing with his 3bet from the blinds, and get value from QQ/JJ if they want to call.

Or maybe, with the call of the 3bet with KQ, then the flop bet, then the call of the 1/2 pot turn bet, it was just a series of mistakes that led to a big pot lost with a crushed hand.

Value for quad Aces

by PokerAnon ~ March 20th, 2014

I’ve started playing a little 25nl 6max at the regular cash tables.

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PokerAnon [Ah Ad]
DoomIsDown: folds
goc: raises $0.50 to $0.75
StevenHiro: folds
PokerAnon: raises $1.75 to $2.50
al pacino2th: folds
goc: calls $1.75
*** FLOP *** [Ac As Kh]

I’d 3 bet the previous hand, BB over SB from a frequent stealer, but my 3 bet percentage is 5% or lower at this table.

Villain is 23.0/16.4, 2.33 or 35.0 aggression, but only over 66 hands.

I flop a dead board; I’ve got it so killed that unless he has KK, I don’t think I’m getting much here, so I check the flop, hoping to get him to bluff.

*** FLOP *** [Ac As Kh]
PokerAnon: checks
goc: bets $3.70
PokerAnon: calls $3.70
*** TURN *** [Ac As Kh] [6c]
PokerAnon: bets $6.75
goc: calls $6.75

When he bets the flop, I just call. In order to get money in, I bet out on the turn. Common for when you flop trips or better out of position. I don’t want him checking behind. He takes some time, but calls.

Now I’ve only got half pot (indicating to me now that I could have bet smaller on the turn, but I don’t play enough 3 bet pots to be good at managing bet sizing. Say if I’d bet $5.00 on the turn it might be easier for him to call and I can still have $15 left to a $22 pot on the river), so all I can do is shove. He tanks, uses half his time bank so all I can do is watch the three other tables that I’ve got going.

And I’m pretty shocked at what he holds, given his stats. He doesn’t give the appearance of being a fish.

Is it really possible for me to hold QQ/JJ here? I guess so, but isn’t it more likely to be some kind of ace, if not AK? And how likely is it that I have KJ or some other king?

I guess at this level any kind of ace bets the flop? So because I check/call the flop, I don’t have an Ace? But because it’s 3bet and we start 100 bbs deep, it won’t take long to get committed. It’d be a different matter perhaps if I had say AQ and preflop it was raise/call so the pot is not so big to begin with.

You could say that he got trapped by his hand, but 1) do you want to flat a 3 bet with KQ against an apparently tight 3 bettor, and 2) why bet the flop? Unless I have QQ/JJ and the turn is a Q or J, this should be a WA/WB situation and just check the flop, keep the pot controlled, and then it’s more difficult for me to get my stack in without him being pot committed.